Why you should invest in a Dual Battery System

If you have been thinking of upgrading your 4WD by either installing a massive stereo system, adding a fridge or simply a winch, you might have been advised to invest in a dual battery system. It is usually helpful when extra electrical power is required by your vehicle.

If you are one of those people who are avid campers or enjoy a four wheeling tour every now and then, a portable fridge is often necessary. In order to make sure that the fridge is in running condition while the vehicle is stationary, you need a great deal of reserve power. Plus the only reason why back up power is required is not just for recreational purposes. Extra power is required to keep objects like the radio and safety lights working when the vehicle is in stationary mode.

Also dual battery systems come in handy during critical situations which require additional winching.This is exactly why investing in a dual battery system is a good idea. There are different ways in which a second battery system can be installed in a vehicle. However, the main thing is that a second battery must be installed so that it can be isolated and doesn’t cause any damage to the vehicles starter battery.

While most vehicles have a single built in battery, installing a second one would require some bit of additional hardware. For this a strong customised steel tray is required to carry the extra load put by the second battery. However, most 4WD vehicles have an preinstalled locations which are ideal for a second battery. On the other hands most just don’t have the ample space and you would need to find some other part of the vehicle where the battery can be installed. This is something which is usually best left to the experts.

How does the dual battery system work?

In most dual battery systems, the task of the second battery is to provide ample power for accessories like a fridge. The first battery is simply used for starting and powering the vehicle when it’s in use. Sometimes a car requires a smaller second battery due to lack of space. However, if space is not an issue it is advisable to get a sizeable battery which can give the most power output.

The second battery is normally wired into the vehicle with the use of a wire and simple ampere switch. This way the second battery is easily charged while the vehicle is in driving mode only to be used when the need arises.

Different systems can be used for making a dual battery system work properly. However, despite any method which is used it is essential to realise that it might take a long while for the battery to charge. Therefore it is essential to charge the battery use proper method and giving ample time for the second battery to become fully charged.

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