Our earth largely consists of water bodies. These water bodies give us the water to drinks, helps in our household, agricultural and industrial works, and provide a home to aquatic animals and plants. We cannot live without water. Unfortunately, these water bodies are getting polluted because of our careless activities. This blog is written to raise awareness about protecting the water bodies.

Tons of industrial wastes are thrown into rivers and streams every day. These pollutants kill the fishes and disrupt the ecosystem. People use the water of stream and rivers for various purposes. So, they are actually using polluted water. We should find an alternative way to throw industrial wastes so that it doesn’t affect the water. We should also stop wasting water as there are many parts of the world where water is scarce. So should have a good water management plan so that everyone can get clean water and the aquatic life can thrive.

We hope you will know many things about water pollution and the importance of proper water management by reading our blog. We update our blog regularly. So, you will find something new to read every day.