Varied services provided by residential property surveyors in Brisbane

Selling your home, adding a new addition, building a new home or installing a fence in Brisbane needs the services of residential property surveyors Brisbane. Hiring these professional experts ensures cost-effective and efficient survey solutions for your home project.

The wide range of surveying services provided by residential property surveyors will not only help you as the owner but also architects and builders involved in the project.

Land boundaries disputes are avoided as well as conforming to land regulations are the topmost benefits provided by residential surveyors. The varied services provided by residential surveyors include:

Peg Out Surveys

Peg out surveys need to be performed when you are planning to add a granny flat or build a fence on your property. A residential surveyor will either mark out or use pegs to determine the property’s four corners or structures or boundaries. Any addition to the property from a fence to a driveway should undergo a peg out survey to prevent future property boundary disputes.

Detail Survey

Renovating or building a new home needs the Detail survey to complete the design. A Development Application is one of the requirements by the Council for home renovations. That application, in turn, requires the Detail survey from a certified residential land surveyor.

Boundary Survey

The only way to determine your property’s structure position related to its boundaries is a boundary survey. Boundary surveys prevent property disputes from your neighbours from happening in the first place. A boundary certificate is provided by a residential land surveyor after he has performed and determined the boundaries of your property.

Subdivision Survey

Dividing your property or building a duplex on it needs plans of subdivision. Any property that needs to be divided into two or more new lots needs plan registration. The Conveyancing Act allows a single property to be divided into two or more lots with a registration of the plan.

The registration of the plan has to be attached with a subdivision survey plan for it to be considered and approved to be disposed of separately.

Hydrographic Survey

Having your property undergo a hydrographic survey is the smartest way to know about the presence of existing underground water systems. This knowledge plays a crucial role in your home project plans and designs. This kind of survey is especially important when you plan to subdivide your property.

Underground Utility Mapping Survey

Construction delays can be expensive. The smartest way to avoid home design from clashing with existing underground utilities is to mitigate potential conflicts. The underground utility mapping survey includes finding out about existing underground storage tanks, pipes, and cables. The survey confirms existing underground utility RL, type, configuration, size, and material.

Land Infrastructure Development

The land infrastructure development is a total land survey service provided by some surveying firms. Choosing this type of service helps to manage the overall surveying requirements of your property, to include:

  • Roads
  • Water
  • Electrical
  • Service pegging
  • Drainage
  • Sewerage
  • Communication

The best way to avoid expensive mistakes in home construction is to have the property properly surveyed before construction. Knowing everything about your property ensures compliance with regulations as well as creating the best design for your home. Surveyors at Work are Brisbane surveyors that you could turn to for all your technical needs.



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