How to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment While Traveling

Scientists have discovered that mass traveling can be harmful to the environment, as it contributes to the global pollution that kills our planet by destroying its ozone layer. It is, therefore, our duty of honour to reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible. One action may not have a big influence, but millions of such actions can make a difference for the future of our world.

One thing you can do without altering your comfort and your lifestyle is to reduce your impact on the environment while traveling. There are several simple yet effective ideas that would enable you to travel without affecting the planet.

Choosing to stay in eco friendly hotels is perhaps the best way to protect the environment. These hotels reuse water for their toilet flushing systems. They also recycle their waste and buy accessories made from recycled materials. Furthermore, they instruct their guests on reusing their bathroom towels, in order to save water and to reduce the pollution generated by the use of laundry detergents. As a matter of fact, you can help these hotels even further by taking shorter showers and by switching off all your electronics while not using them. There is even some luxury accommodation in Fremantle such as The Tradewinds Hotel that is very eco friendly.

Consider renting a bicycle instead of a car or a motorbike whenever possible. Cycling is good for you, so you’ll have the opportunity to do a good deed while working on your fitness level. If hiring a motorised vehicle is a must, you can opt for an electric one. Electric cars have become quite widespread nowadays, so you’ll probably find one to suit your needs, particularly when you travel to touristic destinations. Public transport may be an interesting option, so try to identify some routes that would help you avoid driving. Many countries and cities have very good public transport networks that are an excellent alternative to hiring a vehicle at your destination.

Bring a reusable water bottle and a shopping bag. If all travelers followed your example, the amount of plastic in landfills and oceans would decrease. Besides, by carrying an empty water bottle on you while hiking in less polluted places such as Iceland and New Zealand, you’ll have the opportunity to fill it with the purest drinking water you can find on Earth.

When searching for flights, try to choose the route with the least number of stop-overs. Taking offs and landings are fuel hogs, resulting in a massive increase of the carbon footprint of an aircraft. By choosing direct flights you also do yourself a favour, as your journeys will be shorter. Moreover, since travelling to and from a destination are the most polluting parts of a trip, consider taking longer vacations.

While hiking in national parks, always pick up your trash. Furthermore, consider picking up other people’s trash, as well. Use only the boardwalks and the routes that are designated to visitors. Be respectful, as this is the best way to avoid damaging those fragile ecosystems.

By doing your best to protect the environment while traveling, you are going to feel much better about yourself. This reason alone is well worth the trouble!

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