How Oil Drilling Companies Have Become More Environmentally Friendly

Oil Drilling Companies have a notoriously bad reputation. When you think of these large corporations you often think of water pollution, poor air quality, and even the bad effects they have on wildlife. Luckily, Oil Drilling Companies have made great strides in the last several years to change this stereotype, particularly some of the smaller, environmentally conscious drilling companies like Hagstrom Drilling. Here are some of the ways they are becoming more environmentally friendly.

Big Oil Drilling Companies are using their large amounts of money for research. They are trying to figure out ways they can do their job in a more sustainable manner. For instance, Exxon is trying to scientifically research ways they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are also trying to think of ways consumers’ emissions can be reduced.

Oil Drilling Companies are also committed to creating more green energy. This can be in the form of fossil fuels or biofuels. BP has spent billions on extracting fossil fuels in recent years. It is believed that consumers will start using much more biofuels in the future, and BP is trying to make sure this actually happens. They are trying to create energy from windmills, plants, and trees. These types of energy are easy to create and can be replenished very quickly. It is estimated that much of our earth will turn to biofuels in the next 30 years.

This is helping repair BP’s image after the horrible oil spill in 2010. If anything good came out of that tragedy, it is that BP has become much more environmentally aware.

A new technology can actually separate oil from sand. The MCW Energy Group is championing this amazing technology. It requires only safe chemicals, not high temperatures, and is safe for the air.

Sunoco is working hard to become much more green. They use new methods that help conserve large amounts of water. They also try to keep waste as minimal as they possibly can.

Oil Drilling Companies have also become much more transparent. They disclose what they are doing to become more environmental conscience. And they are supposed to disclose what they need to do better. This is a huge benefit for consumers as they can see clearly which companies they are supporting. It also holds the large Oil Drilling Companies accountable. They can no longer hide from the public. People want to know what is going on, and luckily, the Oil Drilling Companies are listening.

In underdeveloped countries, there is no transparency. And this has become a major problem. No one can enforce laws or regulations because no one is quite sure what is happening behind these closed doors. This is mostly because these struggling countries are not holding these large companies accountable.

While the big Oil Companies are making huge changes there is still a lot of work to be done. Oil Companies need to create plans that can help both the environment and its consumers. They need to treat their employees fairly despite the drilling location. Luckily, the Oil Drilling Companies are aware of these problems and are looking for solutions.

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