5 major causes of water pollution

Most water pollution occurs due to human activities and industrialization. The water bodies are polluted with industrial, agricultural and municipal wastes. Here are the most common causes of water pollution.

Domestic sewage

These wastes are generated from household activities. The wastes contain urine, faeces, laundry waste, etc. These wastes may contain waterborne diseases. Diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, dysentery, etc. occur due to polluted water. Domestic sewage contains phosphorus and nitrates which cause an unwanted algal bloom in ponds and lakes. These affect the water quality negatively.

Industrial wastewater

These are wastewater generated through industrial processing. Wastes from iron and steel industry, food industry, chemicals industry, etc. pollute the water. These can contain toxic materials like heavy metals. When the waste stream mix with the natural water bodies, they become harmful to human and other organisms.

Agricultural waste

These include pesticide, chemical fertilizer, manure, etc. Runoff from agricultural fields and farmland can go to the nearby ponds, lakes streams, etc. These wastes can seep through the ground and cause ground water pollution.

Acid rain

Sulphur and nitrogen oxides are very toxic and they can get into the atmosphere through emissions of industry or automobiles. These combine with the atmospheric water and produce acids. These get mixed with rainwater causing acid rain.

Global warming

Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are generated due to industrialization or burning of fossil fuels. These create a blanket in the atmosphere and traps heat. It causes the global temperature to rise. As a result, the water temperature increases as well. This affects the aquatic habitats and can affect the food chain as well.

Water pollution is a very serious problem. We should be careful that our activities don’t cause water pollution that affects human lives and also the life of aquatic organisms.

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