Proper Use Of Car Air Conditioning for Environment

Car air conditioning plays an essential role in relieving you from the unbearable heat on a hot day. As a result, it’s ranked as one of the top features in the vehicle since rolling of the windows on some occasions do not entirely solve the issue. Therefore, you need to know how to use your car air conditioning properly to reduce fuel mileage and any other excessive stress offered to the engine. Thus, put the following tips into practice to improve the efficiency of your AC in addition to ensuring that you’re using this feature correctly to prevent avoidable and unnecessary damages.

Park your car in the shade

If you want to maximise AC efficiency, always park your car in the shade. Yes, you may this as insignificant, but, it is a vital way through you can improve the AC’s performance. It is a recommendable point mostly when you’re sure you will not be available for the entire afternoon. By parking your car in a place covered from direct sunlight, you will lower the temperatures inside the vehicle by the time you get back, no matter how hot it gets.

Rolling the windows down

Another vital way through which you can cool down your car is by rolling down its windows and then driving at a lower speed, which does not exceed 10 to miles per hour. By doing this, it becomes easy for fresh air to enter the car while forcing the hot air out.

Starting with a low setting

When you instantly crank the car air conditioning in Gold Coast to its extreme level, you can cause a faster tear and wear, which in turn causes overheating since more energy than the usual one is needed for rapid cool, and this happens without warming up.  Immediately you start by turning the air on; it is good to start with the lower setting and then allowing it to warm up at a smaller extent before setting the higher levels if the surrounding weather is unbearable.

Recirculation of the air in the car

Using the recirculation option and the air conditioning in the car, make sure that hot from the outside does not gain access into the vehicle. Do this while air conditioning is on its running state, as you try to cool the interior. When the interior is on the cooling downstate, the air conditioning won’t strain hard to continue cooling.

Never shut off the air instantly

Mostly, turning off the vehicle immediately before turning off air conditioning, is the major improper treatments of your vehicle’s air conditioning. After turning the air off, you should leave the fan running in the intermediate speed to dry out the evaporator of the AC. If you cannot do this, the AC will be near ice, and this can lead to condensation, which in turn forms puddle water under the car. Therefore, when you leave the fan in the running state, you reduce condensation and moisture build-up and hence, prevent bacteria and moss build up on the evaporator and any other parts of the car.

Keep not of fuel efficiency

When the air conditioning is on its high setting, you reduce fuel efficiency. Therefore, to increase fuel efficiency, never overuse air conditioning, and cut into your vehicle’s fuel levels.

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